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Satsuma: 6 Reasons It’s One of the Safest Towns in Alabama

Red and blue flashing lights of the police car in the checkpoint at night

Satsuma is a quaint town located just south of the intersection of I-65 and Highway 43 in Mobile County. The town once boasted a thriving economy elevated by citrus, specifically satsumas and pecans. Satsuma was established in 1959 and serves as a suburb of Mobile.

Although Satsuma is a small community, the population has experienced immense growth in the past few years. The current population is around 6,200 people. The town is a gateway to the Mobile Delta and the Mobile River and offers creeks and waterways. Satsuma has been consistently considered one of the safest towns in Alabama for a number of reasons.

Six Reasons Satsuma is one of the safest towns in Alabama

  • Satsuma is safer than 47% of the cities in the United States.
  • In Satsuma you have a 1 in 46 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.
  • The overall crime rate in Satsuma is 23% lower than the national average.
  • The overall crime rate in Satsuma is 37% lower than in comparison to the Alabama mean.
  • Satsuma has a violent crime rate that is 49% lower than the average in Alabama.
  • Satsuma has a violent crime rate that is 35% lower than the national average.

Satsuma Police Department

The Satsuma patrol division is comprised of 13 full time police officers and 2 part time police officers. The police department has also established a Community Watch program to help keep residents in the community safe and many residents participate.

Residents can feel safe knowing that they have a qualified police department consistently watching out for the community and protecting those who call it home. This is one of the main reasons Satsuma has been deemed as one of the safest towns in Alabama. The Police Department in Satsuma has helped keep crime rates low and residents feeling safe.

Per the Satsuma Police Department’s website their community policing claims, “We, the members of the Satsuma Police Department, are committed to protect and serve our community. Our goal is to safeguard the citizens of Satsuma against harm or injustice while maintaining a safe environment for the community as well as for any person passing through this city.

We further hold ourselves to the trust and integrity placed in us by the virtue of the position we hold as police officers. We will strive to maintain good community relations with the public as well as good working relationships with our fellow officers, employees and supervisors along with our neighboring jurisdictions.

We will forever uphold the ideals set forth by our founding fathers that all men are created equal and everyone is afforded the right of equal protection under the law.”

How does living in one of the safest towns in Alabama sound? Contact one of our real estate agents at Jackson & Associates today to discuss finding the perfect Satsuma, Alabama home for you and your family. We can’t wait for you to see all that Satsuma has to offer.